Saturday, January 14, 2017

Student Reflection - Seth Bauling

Of the numerous events that we were privileged to have participated in while we were in Sydney, there were two in particular that I thoroughly enjoyed.  The first being our meeting with PWC’s Paul Hinz and the second was the day trip to the Blue Mountains.

During the meeting with PWC we were exposed to the procedures that surround an investigation into certain matters of fraud. Paul Hinz had very interesting insight as to the problems that can pop-up during the different stages and how they are allowed to circumvent these issues while complying with Australian and international law. There were several major and other minor differences that we were exposed to as he discussed further the protocols that were to be followed given the situation and the surrounding circumstances. I am very thankful for the time that he took out of his schedule to meet with us.

Taking the FJ Tour to the Blue Mountains was incredible. Stopping at the wildlife park and viewing the extremely diverse population of native animals in such close proximity was delightful. Followed by a truly magnificent, albeit hot, viewing and walk through of the three sisters and the adjacent park. It was a very enjoyable trip that will be extremely difficult to top in the future.

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