Monday, January 9, 2017

Day 1 in Australia

Many of the students arrived in Australia before the start of the program to enjoy touring around the country.  We met back in Sydney on Saturday, January 7 to begin the formal program.  On Sunday, the first official day of activities, we began with a walking tour of the historic Rocks region of Sydney.

We then spent a memorable afternoon at the Hyde Park Barracks Museum, followed by the Police & Justice Museum.  In each, we were able to learn about the early founding period and the functioning of the early Australian criminal justice system.

At the Police & Justice Museum, the students were able to participate in a reenactment of a criminal trial from the 1800s.  The case involved allegations that the defendant had engaged in the crime of being a Bushranger.  Members of the class served as the judge, the prosecutor, the defense counsel, witnesses, and members of the jury.

We then finished the day with a very special Dreamtime Philosophy Dinner, which included an Aboriginal Australian welcome ceremony and the opportunity to learn more about Australian Aboriginal culture from Elder Margret Campbell.  We were also honored to be joined at the dinner by John Bryson, author of Evil Angels, and his wife Therese.

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