Saturday, January 14, 2017

Student Reflection - Kelly Meredith

Sydney is absolutely amazing. I enjoyed all of my experiences in Sydney, but my favorite activities were the visits to PWC and Baker McKenzie.

At PWC, Paul Hinz gave an awesome presentation that walked us through a forensics investigation from start to finish. It was interesting to learn about the intricate details of an investigation and how minor pieces of information build upon each other to form a solid case.

At Baker McKenzie, Georgie Farrant gave an interesting presentation highlighting some of key differences between white collar crime in America and Australia. I found the differences between Australia’s and America’s version of the FCPA particularly interesting. In our meeting at Earnest and Young, Meg McKechnie also mentioned some of the distinctions, including the lack of enforcement actions in Australia and the rise of enforcement actions in America. I plan on keeping Georgie’s and Meg’s presentations in mind when I take the FCPA course next semester. Learning about Australia’s response to bribery by foreign officials will contribute to my overall perspective of how the FCPA and similar laws operate globally.

Apart from the scheduled events, I had a blast exploring Sydney with my classmates. The hostel’s location was perfect for walking to Circular Quay, excellent restaurants, and various shops. Overall, my experience in Australia was amazing! I hope to come back to Australia some day and visit Melbourne, Adelaide, and some of the other cities I did not have time to visit on this trip.

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