Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Student Reflection - Danielle Humes

Australia is one of the most adventurous places I have ever been.  From SCUBA diving on the great barrier reef, to feeding crocodile and kangaroos in the rain forest, to cuddling a Koala bear. It was amazing how our professor was able to show us all the highlights of Sydney in a short period of time.  I enjoyed the Sydney harbor cruise, paddle boarding, and hiking through Katoomba in Blue Mountain Park to view the Three Sisters Formation.  Visiting the various firms to learn about white collar crime was an incredible experience.  I specifically appreciated visiting PWC Forensic Team who went into detail about their services for managing business risks. Economic Crime of a company’s brand can happen any where and at any time.  PWC Forensic Team shared with us the proper steps in protecting a company’s economic value, which I thought was fascinating.

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