Saturday, January 14, 2017

Student Reflection - Camille Sizemore

Today we spent the morning at PwC meeting with Paul Hinz and Nareen Young. Nareen Young is involved in indigenous consulting. She and her team give advice to clients on anything involving indigenous matters. Before coming to Australia, I hadn’t thought much about there being a service like this, but after learning more about Australian culture and the struggles that the indigenous people face, its nice to know there are services like this out there advocating to protect their rights.

Paul Hinz works with the internal investigation team as an accountant. This was my favorite meeting that we’ve had so far. He took us through an actual investigation that was conducted not too long ago. We were able to participate and see step-by-step what he and the investigators went through to find an employee committing fraud and stealing $500,000 from the company that he worked for. Mr. Hinz showed us pictures of the accounting forms the employee had manipulated compared to an actual forms, and he pointed out the differences between the two. He also compared the emails that had been sent referencing amounts of money to the bank ledger to show how thousands of dollars were being taken here and there and placed into different accounts the employee had made in his wife’s and parents’ names. I was really surprised by how much information they were able to find out through the employee's work email. From his work email they were able to find that he had problems at home and a gambling problem. I didn’t expect those types of things to be discussed in work emails.

Overall, meeting with the people at PwC was a very interesting and informative experience. I’m glad that I learned about a service that I didn’t know existed before coming here, and we were able to walk through an internal investigation.

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