Saturday, January 14, 2017

Student Reflection - Kourtney Imig

Our class has enjoyed many days filed with great information. One day our class adventured out to the Blue Mountains in a tour bus. During the tour, we had a wonderful tour guide named Michael and he guided us through the Blue Mountains and the Three Sister Rock formation. He gave us all different types of facts and information about Australia.

Another day that I enjoyed is when we went to a firm called PwC. PwC is responsible for proactive, strategic responses to threats in companies. They are also there to build trust in society and solve problems. We heard from two individuals. The first individual, Narreen Young, is a consultant who works with aboriginal and indigence groups. She is there to create good relations between the different cultures and businesses.

The second individual, Paul Hinz, is also a consultant. He is an accountant and investigates fraud situations that are brought to PwC. He showed us how fraudulent activity can occur within a company. He also walked us through an investigation that he worked on and what they did to figure out what the fraudulent activity was and provide evidence. It was very interesting to see what steps were taken to figure out if there was fraudulent activity.

Overall, the experience and learning about crime and fraudulent activity and being able to connect it to everything we learn as a class was beneficial.

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