Saturday, January 14, 2017

Student Reflection - Ian Fortier

Australia is a country that is wonderful and beautiful. There is never a dull day when visiting this land. During our trip we saw rain forests, animals that are native to the country, and visited with professionals who have first hand knowledge in the field of international white-collar crime. It’s hard to pick just one day that stood out as my favorite. The most memorable person who spoke to our class was Paul Hinz. Hinz works for PWC in their forensic accounting division. He took us through the steps for how to determine if an employee or if the corporation as a whole has committed a crime of fraud. In true law school fashion we conducted a hypothetical as a class. The part that I found the most interesting is that PWC or EY do not have any subpoena power. This means that they find links and other types of evidence to build their case for the client that hired them. The process seems complicated and time consuming.

During the farewell dinner a group of us took a photo with on of the most iconic buildings in the world as our backdrop. Australia is an amazing place and is a must see when traveling the world. A group of us also arrived early enough to spend New Years Eve in Barangaroo park, where we got to see the most amazing views to began our new year.

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